Adecco MVP BEFC Lions vs Albion Old Boys - Yuta Kawakami

  • Adecco BEFC MVP vs Albion Old Boys - Yuta Kawakami

BEFC Lions went into the first game of the second leg against Nepal United, the only team that they have lost to this season.

Due to unacceptable tardiness from the goalkeeper and one of the vice-captains, the Lions had to start the game in an unorganized fashion with wooly gloves for the keeper and players without the proper kit. The Lions were lucky to escape the first 20 minutes unscathed, as Nepal did breach the defence but only managed to hit the ball against the post.

Once all players had arrived at the pitch, the Lions were able to build some rhythm, but lost DM Rishi after he pulled a muscle and had to leave the game.

With one substitute available, the team played an organized defensive game and made sensible substitutions in order to refresh tired legs and maintain focus. The Lions weren’t able to make any significant attacks, but there were a number of heroics in defense, with Ben, Masa and in particular Tsukasa making sure that there were no goals conceded in this match.

Following his goal in the previous match, in this game Yuta demonstrated tenacity to fairly but firmly defend from the front, and made himself available in a number of different positions across the midfield. For this reason, the Adecco MVP for this match is Yuta Kawakami.