Adecco BEFC MVP vs FC International - Katsuhiko Yoshikawa

  • Adecco BEFC MVP vs FC International - Katsuhiko Yoshikawa

After the big win against Celts the final game of 2019, BEFC faced the Division 1 regulars FC International that ended 4-3 to us BEFC.


<Squad> ★→Adecco MVP

Marcom (GK)

Kawakami (RFB)

Shimizu (CB)

Marti (CB)

Nagasawa (LFB)

Uwatsu (DM)

★Yoshikawa (DM)

Katase (RW)

Bato (AM)

Fujiwara (LW)

Witlviet (ST)


Subs: Takahashi (ST), Fauster (DM), Yoshida (FB/CB)


[1st half]

The opposition got off to an ideal start as they dominated for first 10 minutes of the game, given the penalty and executed to make it 1-0 to FCI.

However the BEFC’s confidence wasn’t lost easily this time.  BEFC started putting the game under control with ball possession as usual.  Shortly after Ririo Bato’s equaliser was cancelled out due to off-side decision (not checked by VAR), Timothy Witlviet’s shot that clearly hit the FCI’s defender’s hand gave us a penalty.  No mistake from Ririo Bato who has taken it, 1-1.  

Just before the half time, Kenta Nagasawa has run into the box and put it in brilliantly the cross ball from Bato, 2-1 to BEFC.


[2nd half]

BEFC continuously keeping the ball by executing passing football to damage FCI. However the next goal was scored by FCI.  Their quick winger cut inside and hit it hard. 1st attempt was saved by the post but they scored the 2nd ball, leveled 2-2.  

Tension between the 2 teams was cut by BEFC.  Kentaro Takahashi had 1 on 1 with the goal keeper and hit the back of the net to make it 3-2 to BEFC.  It’s the first goal of the season from our all-time leading goal scorer. We’ve been waiting for this moment!!  Great to see him back on the scoresheet.

10mins after, FCI leveled again with the brilliant free-kick from their No.10 the key player.

Everyone thought the game was going to end leveled,but it wasn’t.  Bato got an decisive scoring opportunity in the last minute in the box and stopped by the foul, penalty again.  Tsukasa Katase calmly executed from the spot with his 6th goal of the season, 4-3.


When it came to MVP nomination, there was no other name than the Maestro, Katsuhiko Yoshikawa.  Master-class performance from the box to box midfielder in all the aspects. He almost made 100% passing completion in the whole game, and was everywhere to help out the teammates always being there to be an option.  He has joined the club from the start of this season and truly is the great addition to BEFC.