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Many members may know that since 2016 the British Embassy Football Club in Japan officially supported the non profit organisation CP Esperanza. As the club grew in stature a number of members expressed a wish for it to establish more purpose in contributing to society and community as best as an amateur football club could. With one of BEFC’s directive being providing opportunity to play and grow relationships through sport, NPO Esperanza was a perfect match.

While BEFC members have some degree of familiarity of what Esperanza does, be it by through participating in the Esperanza Charity Football Tournament, NSK Friendly Tournament or CP Nadeshiko trainings, there are often questions about what exactly Esperanza does. So worry no more as we explain Esperanza’s valuable work and relationship to the club.

To put it in the broadest context possible -  Esperanza is about empowering its members, kids and grown-ups with impairments, through enjoyment in game of football. In case of Esperanza it’s through the special form of football, the Cerebral Palsy Football. As many know, being a member of football club is not only about playing the game, it is also about the social aspect and camaraderie. In the case of Esperanza Football Club the latter part is where the emphasis lies, providing an environment where all its members can join and participate together. Also Esperanza strives for the continued normalization of impairment in Japanese society and sports community with events where impaired and able players play together -- such as the Friendly Cup!

Except for one of our well known members Alo Sakk, Esperanza has been up to now an organization with only Japanese members and accordingly their public profile has been directed towards Japanese. Recently through affiliation with BEFC, Esperanza has been able to form new relationships which have enabled their efforts to become more visible to internationals and the Japanese international community.
This has born the launch of their new bilingual website (,  and the start of their email newsletter  (link to subscribe:

For those interested in Esperanza's work, progress and activities the articles you can find in this newsletter include:

As BEFC’s continued support of Esperanza we too hope to further extend their message and contribution to society as much as we are able. So we hope that as we the club, members will continue raising awareness of Esperanza amongst the international community. This can be in the shape of signing up for the newsletter, paying a visit to the new website, liking Esperanza on social media or perhaps introducing them to organisations and institutions that promote their values through your own networks!

Esperanza are very grateful to BEFC for their continued support and BEFC believe very strongly in their work for a better society. And word has it that if you perform the first three of those suggestions, the first round of beers is on them!

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If you’d like to introduce Esperanza to an organisation in your network please email the club:
befc [at] and we can set it up.


With thanks to BEFC's Alo Sakk - BEFC player and Esperanza coach