Upcoming Events

(Cancelled!!) Ladies Futsal (22 NOV.)

Thu. 22 Nov.
US Embassy Housing Compound
Thanksgiving night for US Embassy which means no futsal!! Regular Ladies Futsal at the US Embassy Housing Compound. Remember to bring photo ID, and if you are not pre-registered you will not be permitted onto the grounds. Please show your photo ID and tell the guard at the gate that you are there...

MIFA Football Park Year-End Ladies Cup

25 NOV 2018
MIFA Football Park
(This event is only open to the Ladies team members) MIFA Football Park holds the final ladies competition of 2018 on Sunday, 25 November. It's 5 on 5 general futsal match based on JFA futsal rule with some local rule. No sliding and no shoulder charge. 8 minutes 1 game. Maximum 10 teams are...