(Ladies) Bonfim Football Park Ladies Cup

18 NOV 2018

Bonfim Football Park Ochiai Minami Nagasaki hosts an annual Ladies Futsal Tournament!

General 5 on 5 futsal competition between 8 teams.
BEFC Ladies previously won 3rd in this tournament. This time we will aim for No.1!!
Prize for the champion is 6 training shirts and some Janken (rock-paper-scissors) event after the tournament where two people will win the Bonfim towel.

Rules: Basic futsal rules. Some local rules apply. 
Game: 10min per game
Pitch: Indoor & Outdoor (all weather), Artificial short pile, 26mx15m
Fee: 14,000yen per team (1,500yen per player)

09:30  Meet at venue (6F)
09:35  Registration
10:00  Opening Ceremony and Warm up